I made Martha Kloek especially for the EasterCAL in our Vive Handwerkclub (Facebookgroup).

The EasterAL is a crochet-a-long.  This means that everybody of the group gets on a regular time a part of the pattern to crochet and makes it together in a certain time. 


Hi everybody,

I’m just came blowing in. It looks like I’m all shaked up now.  I know ! I have been very busy lately.  Definitely went sleeping to late, not like my fellow chicken-sisters who went early. Oh, I’m babbling a lot. It’s a bit unpolite ?  I think I will first introduce myself a little bit better.

My name is Martha Kloek. Martha means lady,  but sometimes I really behave like a real ‘chicken’.I live in the  green countryside, near a farm which has a big lawn where a lot of flowers in all kinds of colours are blooming. In the distance I can see the cliffs and the sea. Sometimes the sun shines in my little country, sometimes it is pouring rain and is the wind  blowing, but I don’t care. I like it !

I’m really a busy bee.  Armed with my apron and my tissues, i walk around from one animal to another.


-to wipe of the sweat of the faces of those who work a lot and need some support.

-to clean the mud and abrasions  of the bodies of those  who slipped and falled in this world.

-to catch the tears of laughter of all those where i’m having a nice chat with.

-to let the tears of sorrow and pain disappear for those who wants to shelter under my wings.

And finally, also to hide my beak when I’m having a cold.






Now she's a paid pattern. Price is 4.5 euro. If you would like to order the pattern don't hesitate to contact me on following emailadres This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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