A year ago, the responsibles of the Group CAL-Crochetalong asked me if I wanted to participate in the Friends around the World CAL and make a square for the blanket they were intended to release.

Brave as I was, I immediately said I would do this. Then, I had no idea which adventure i started. Designing a square is not that easy at all. It give you a lot of preparation work before you can finally show the square to the whole world. You have to find a subject, find the most beautifull stitches for your square and combine them, crochet the pattern, write the pattern down in a comprehensive language with the correct terms, pictures and instructies, test your pattern, retest your pattern, answer questions of testers, translators,....

It took much more time then I first thought it would. It was a very educational proces for me as a beginning designer.

I have chosen one of the elements to use in my square. Earth is a very precious element next to fire, water and air. Earth refers to the element but also to our planet. Our very valuable planet, just like a diamond. A planet we have to respect a lot more. Pity a lot of humans often forget to do.

The text wil explain you more about it: 

This is an open letter
From you and me together
Tomorrow's in our hands now, 
Find the words that matter
Say them out loud
And make it better somehow.

Looking down form up on the moon
It's a tiny blue marble
Who would've thought the ground we stand on
could be so fragile

This is a love song to the Earth
You're no ordinary world
A diamond in the universe
Heaven's poetry to us
Keep it safe, keep it safe, keep it safe
Cause it's our world, it's our world.

download the instructions here: 


Watch the video with all the instructions to make the Diamond Earth step by step:

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