Hi !

I’m Véronique, also better known as Brietna. I live together with my family and cats and dog in beautiful Ghent, Belgium.  Since my childhood I saw my grandmum always working on a project. I inherited her skills and passion for this craft. She will always be my biggest inspiration.

Next to having a busy payroll job, I love to make all kind of stuff out of yarn and like to dive in this special world.  Next to being one of the leading ladies of the Vive Handwerkclub on Facebook, I adore crocheting, knitting, embroidery and quilting. I’m making all kind of fantasy creatures designed by famous designers or even out of my own inspiration. Figures with a sparkle of love made to give as a present with the intention to deliver a lot of warmth, pleasure or consolation to those who receive my yarn-friends.

I’m also into colour-knitting and lace-knitting/crocheting. For those projects, I’m studying the past, other decades long ago, countries far away...  I adore making shawls, blankets, socks…all kind of stuff that will give a warm, save feeling to everybody who will use them. Think about a cold breeze outside and a warm cosy place inside where you can relax, that's the world I want to create. 

Yarn is my material to open a new universe, a new dimension in time and space, a new dimension full of inspiration and warmth to bring into this world.  

This website is created to let you enjoy and share my journey, my projects, my inspiration, my creations. If you would like to come closer and make an order, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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