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Fire Dragons Eggs square

9 December 2020
In 2020 we all had to cope with the COVID-19 virus. A nasty 'animal' who changed the life of a lot of people drastically. All of a sudden, we had to stay in lockdown working from home, not meeting our family and friends. I had to learn everything about virtual meetings, online shops, watching too many movies, taking more time for my crochetwork.

Gnome Wouter and Lisa (2)

9 December 2020
Wouter and Lisa: This is a famous Dutch song about gnome Wouter: Woutertje kaboutertje, wiebel wiebel wiebel woep. Piepklein kaboutertje komt als ik roep, Woutertje kaboutertje, wiebel wiebel wiebel woep Piepklein kaboutertje komt als ik roep.

Manchester's bees

28 August 2019
In the summer of 2018 we went to Manchester, the city of bees. As i really love the city of Manchester i made a bee called Livy as reminder of the nice citytrip. We will definitely be back soon ! Livy is a free pattern made by Daniscreaties . It is a lot of work, but i'm really loving the result.

Draak Orbit

8 July 2019
Hi, Dragons are fascinating to look at and are one ot the creatures that I love a lot. Sometimes they are malicious and ugly, sometimes they are cuddly and sweet or even with a impressive beauty. Throughout the history, you can find all kind of stories about dragons: about heroes who defeat dragons and stories about dragons who protect. I recently came across this beautifull artikle, thought:

Martha Kloek

19 May 2019
I made Martha Kloek especially for the EasterCAL in our Vive Handwerkclub (Facebookgroup). The EasterAL is a crochet-a-long. This means that everybody of the group gets on a regular time a part of the pattern to crochet and makes it together in a certain time.

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